HHV Finance Online Gambling Market Trends To Keep An Eye On

HHV Finance: Online Gambling Market Trends To Keep An Eye On

MoneyOnline gambling is now on offer in more than 80 countries worldwide. That signifies how far the industry has grown, and how quickly it has grown, considering there was barely any existence of online gambling for many nations just a few years back. Today, irrespective of the country you are in, you have access to legal gambling websites that offer you exciting casino games, amazing offers, and immersive customer experiences.

The industry continues to grow and expand its horizons. Whereas primitive online casinos were always grappling with security issues, today’s casinos have not only overcome these problems, but also expanded the service range tremendously. To put things in perspective, let’s take you through the most attention-worthy trends shaping the present and future of the online gambling market.

The Popularity of Mobile Casino Games

Whereas online gambling was destined to be a hit because of eliminating the costs of travel for visiting a real casino, not many would have anticipated the urge among casino gamers to take their casinos with them, in their pockets! That’s what mobile casino games allow them to, and that’s why this segment of the online casino gaming and gambling industry has become stronger and stronger in the past couple of years. Today, you barely need a few minutes to download a mobile casino app, register, create a profile, and start playing. Your data remains secure, you can play any time you want, you get personalized offers, and based on your usage behaviour, the app connects you with the most suited casino games. Could it be any better?

Social Gambling – A Great Source of Thrill and Entertainment for Groups

Social gambling platforms allow people to play along with each other, indulging with their favourite gaming past times like never before. The sense of competition, camaraderie, and shared winning makes social gambling platforms the perfect replacement for some group fun in a real Vegas casino. Also, because it’s based on group use, there’s little to no risk of customer attrition, which is a great motivating factor for businesses to develop social gambling platforms.

The Increase in Female Followership for Online Casinos

A great observation made by industry experts is that the number of female players in online casino platforms is on the rise. The numbers are very promising, and indicate clearly towards how online casinos have made casino gaming accessible to wider audiences. In US, 40% of online casino gaming players is made of women. In UK, the percentage is almost equal to 50%, which is great news for the gambling industry in general. Most women gambling players are under 35 years of age, and prefer using mobile phones to access their favourite casino platforms. This could be an indicator for their preference for complete privacy, and that’s precisely why privacy remains a key concern for online casinos. Plus, niche online casinos geared towards women audience are set to do great business in the years to come.

New Marketing Tools Being Deployed By Online Casinos

In-your-face advertisements are passé. Pioneers of the industry are using exciting new marketing tactics to make their online gaming platforms lucrative for a wider audience base. Whether it’s in the form of thoroughly entertaining game packages made on specific themes, collaborative content marketing with entertainment industry players, or irresistible promotional offers – the coming year will continue to witness some refreshing marketing ploys by industry leaders which eventually benefit the end users.

Alternate Reward and Payment Models

Because of concerns around regulatory pushback, several online casinos have already started offering alternative methods of payment and payback. Among these, crypto-currencies are the ones getting most of the attention. Online casinos have started flaunting the fact that they allow the use of Bitcoins, for instance, as a mode of deposits, and offer cash-out in the form of Bitcoins as well. Not only does this imply complete anonymity of transaction for the player and casino, but also motivates players from countries that currently have anti-casino gaming laws.

Online casino gaming is on track to continue its growth for the years to come. The trends we’ve discussed in the guide are the key drivers of this growth.

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